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Get your Horoscope reading by birth chart astrology prediction over online. No face to face meet. No privacy issues. Just register your birth details and get Horoscope reading for your future questions.

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This horoscope look .com helps to get the online prediction about your future with the help of your Date of birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth details or with your own birth chart horoscope without any meeting or face to face interaction.

To get such online prediction, you need to join with our Horoscope Community, which can help you to create your basic astrological profile information.

After joining you will be able to get online prediction with two options. One is free horoscope prediction and another one is paid horoscope prediction.

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We are providing Horoscope Predictions as per Indian Vedic Astrology (Hindu Astrology) as a freelance service

We undertake Horoscope Prediction as per Indian Vedic Astrology which is the very ancient method of astronomical computing by Rishis and Siddhas

At present we are not delivering any birth charts and its related arithmetic information to our customers. We have a plan in future, so Delivering Birth Charts or Preparing Horoscope Charts for permanent use of our customers are in BETA stage.

But We are providing HOROSCOPE Predictions. Means... Once you have given your birth details, we use to prepare the chart at our ends to answer your questions on the Astrological basis. The Birth Start, Ascendant Location, Zodiac information will be present in the Horoscope Prediction Report.

Users shall ask multiple numbers of questions to get answers as per Indian Vedic Astrology, which has the maximum limit of 30 Questions.

This prediction reports service is delivered to you on professional charge basis where you may need to pay the charges through online. In real time, you will get the report once your payment is processed. Just a matter of 10 min.

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