Horoscope Reading: Get Birth Chart Astrological Predictions.

Horoscope Look for Horoscope reading by Ancient Astrology which is meant only for Astrological Predication for Birth Chart or Horoscope Chart. We are not delivering any Horoscope Printable charts. But we are perfect in Prediction.

Horoscope Look

Horoscope Look

Horoscope look .com is to know the information about your astrological horoscope charts which is also called as birth charts.

This Horoscope portal provides only predictive answers for your horoscope chart related questions with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. At present we have no idea of delivering printable Horoscope Charts and in future it may be implemented.

Horoscope reading methods are several types. But the basic concept is same towards predictions with any birth charts. We are looking into astrological horoscopes in ancient Vedic traditional methods. This means, before the inventions of astronomic tools like telescope, rockets, our ancestors who were named as Ascetics or Supernal (saints and Siddhas), who had the powers of spiritual healing and future prediction ability, had given several math formulas towards astrological predictions.

Simply saying this horoscope look is going to deal with traditional ancient methods in Horoscope reading and such predictions will be answered online through emails for those who seek with their Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. (Place of birth may be different from the place of present residence. The Place of origin is considered as the place of birth for Horoscope readings).

We are not delivering Horoscope chart to your email, we are just predicting on your horoscope which was generated at our ends with the help of your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

There is some little difficulties in predicting horoscopes which are created with different types of almanacs (also spelled almanac and Almanach). The major difference we shall find in horoscopes which are generated with different Almanacs published are, the balance period of Great planetary Period and Sub planetary Periods.

When this difference occurs, the prediction of a cat will not correlate with the horoscope chart owner's practical life. So sometimes people used to get confused why the predictions of horoscope charts of their life are different from their practical life.

After several astrological researches, we found those almanacs and astrological math formula or planetary positions and periods, which were generated by Ascetics or Supernal or saints or Siddhas found to be correct, Whereas the formulas planetary positions, planetary periods has slight variation and difference which was calculated by the modern age almanacs which are calculated with the helps of astronomical tools.

So we are predicting the Horoscope charts with the help of the Ancient Vaakiyam Almanac of India.

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About Horoscope

About Horoscope Look

Best answers for the Horoscope questions about your future.

It's a fact that if the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is accurate, we can predict the answers for your horoscope charts with accuracy.

We a team of Traditional astrologers who are located in south India, who learned the astrology and horoscope reading by the blessings and teachings of our ancestors.

When we get a horoscope reading request, we use to analyze in multiple dimensions which helps to scale the horoscope charts for accuracy. It's a fact that if the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth is accurate, we can predict the answers for your horoscope charts with accuracy.

Even a 15 or 30 minutes difference in your birth time may result with inaccurate readings. So we request users of the Horoscope Look .com portal to provide accurate information about the birth details and we unable to predict, if the birth time is suspicious or inaccurate during your request for horoscope look. As this is a new beginning towards horoscope look, we are not going to deliver any horoscope charts. Instead, we are going to provide you the best answers for the questions about your future with related to your birth chart. You need to become a member of our portal where your Horoscope details like DOB, POB, TOB will be stored, which will help to re-request Prediction for your horoscope chart at any time.

Moreover, only after getting acknowledgement mail from Horoscope Look .com portal for your request, you shall proceed to pay and to get your prediction reports. We use to take at least 3 days to provide acknowledgement to your request.

We hereby declare, that we are serving only Horoscope Predictions and we are not interested or we are not prepared to provide prediction in the base of Numerology, Nameology, Gemology, or Tarot Readings.

So we request users not to disturb us by asking questions related to numerology, numerology, gemology and tarot readings.

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Horoscope Prediction

Horoscope Prediction: Horoscope Reading Style.

Horoscope prediction style differs in Horoscope Look. Horoscope readings are for providing answers for the questions about future. So we are avoiding unnecessary mathematical calculation summaries and horoscope charts in our prediction reports. We are not delivering any Horoscope Printable charts. But we are perfect in Prediction.

When you like to get predictions from Horoscope Look .com you need to know how we are predicting an horoscope. Step by Step instructions are given below.

1. Register as a user in our Horoscope Look.

2. Click Get Prediction Link in your control Panel.

3. Fill the details in the given field. Submit the Request.

4. You will get an acknowledgement mail, if Horoscope Look team is prepared to analyze the Birth Details Given by you. It's not the end. It means Horoscope look is accepting your request only.

5. After you got the acknowledgement email your Birth details will be taken for Astrological Analysis. Our Traditional Astrologers will analyze your Birth details and they used to create the Horoscope chart to predict the answers for your question.

[Horoscope Look .com is just delivering PREDICTION REPORTS as digital good in pdf format. But not the Horoscope Chart.]

6. We use Hindu Traditional Vedic Astrological Methods and your birth details will be analyzed with multiple visions.

7. After analysis your Prediction report will be prepared in PDF file format and it will be ready for delivery with a payment link.

8. Once the prediction report is ready, we will email with Payment link, where you need to pay.

9. When you make payment, you will get payment receipt and your prediction report together.

10. A copy of your prediction report will also be sent to you on the next hour or next day of your payment. This is same copy which you downloaded already when you made the payment.

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Horoscope Prediction Service

Steps for Horoscope Prediction


Register with Horoscope Look Community - You will get activation link to your email. Activate it. Relogin and click Get Prediction Button. Submit Questions with Birth date, Birth time and Birth place. You will get acknowledgement email.


Our expert team will generate horoscope for the details you submitted. Traditional Astrologers will analyse your chart and prepare answers for your questions. Prediction report is ready.


You will receive a payment gateway mail with payment link and prediction report as pdf as DIGITAL GOODs which has answers for your question.


Click payment link and pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or net banking. In real time you can download the prediction report and invoice for your payment.

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Astrological Resources

Astrological Resources

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Horoscope Services

Horoscope Services

We are providing Horoscope Predictions as per Indian Vedic Astrology (Hindu Astrology)

We undertake Horoscope Prediction as per Indian Vedic Astrology which is the very ancient method of astronomical computing by Rishis and Shiddhas

At present we are not delivering any birth charts and its related arithmetic information to our customers. We have a plan in future, so Delivering Birth Charts or Preparing Horoscope Charts for permanent use of our customers are in BETA stage.

But We are providing HOROSCOPE Predictions. Means... Once you have given your birth details, we use to prepare the chart at our ends to answer your questions on the Astrological basis. The Birth Start, Ascendant Location, Zodiac information will be present in the Horoscope Prediction Report.

Users shall ask multiple numbers of questions to get answers as per Indian Vedic Astrology, which has the maximum limit of 30 Questions.

This prediction reports service is delivered to you on professional charge basis where you may need to pay the charges through online. In real time, you will get the report once your payment is processed. Just a matter of 10 min.

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