Horoscope Look: Free Online Astrology & Horoscope Predictions.

Birth Chart Horoscope reading by horoscope look is an Online Astrology prediction system. Horoscope predictions predicted by Ancient Astrology.

Horoscope Look delivers online astrology predictions with the accurate DOB (Date of Birth) , TOB (Time of Birth), and POB (place of birth) helps to know yourself. We are not delivering any Horoscope Printable charts. But we are perfect in Prediction.

Horoscope look .com is to know the information about your astrological horoscope charts which is also called as birth charts.

This Horoscope portal provides only predictive answers for your horoscope chart related questions with your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. At present we have no idea of delivering printable Horoscope Charts and in future, it may be implemented.

Horoscope reading methods

Horoscope reading methods are of several types. But the basic concept is same towards predictions with any birth charts. We are looking into astrological horoscopes in ancient Vedic traditional methods. This means, before the inventions of astronomic tools like the telescope, rockets, our ancestors who were named as Ascetics or Supernal (saints and Siddhas), who had the powers of spiritual healing and future prediction ability, had given several math formulas towards astrological predictions.

Online Astrology

Simply saying this horoscope look is going to deal with traditional ancient methods in Horoscope reading and such predictions will be answered online through emails for those who seek with their Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth. (Place of birth may be different from the place of present residence. The Place of origin is considered as the place of birth for Horoscope readings).

Birth Chart reading and predictions

We are not delivering Horoscope chart to your email, we are just predicting on your horoscope that is Birth Chart which will be generated at our ends with the help of your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

There are some Online astrology predictions which has some difficulties in horoscopes which are created with different types of almanacs (also spelled almanac and Almanach). The major difference we shall find in horoscopes which are generated with different Almanacs published are the balance period of Great planetary Period and Sub planetary Periods.

When this difference occurs, the prediction of a cat will not correlate with the horoscope chart owner’s practical life. So sometimes people used to get confused why the predictions of horoscope charts of their lives are different from their practical life.

After several astrological research, we found those almanacs and astrological math formula or planetary positions and periods, which were generated by Ascetics or Supernal or saints or Siddhas found to be correct, Whereas the formulas for planetary positions, planetary periods has slight variation and difference which was calculated by the modern age almanacs which are calculated with the help of astronomical tools.

So we are predicting the Horoscope charts with the help of the Ancient Vaakiyam Almanac of India.