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Free online horoscope reading by You shall get free horoscope prediction here. And your prediction report may reach you to your messenger or email as per the seniority of enrollments. Instructions are given below.

Due to high request more than 200 Free Predictions per day we have temperorily paused this free section. Once enabled, this line will be removed. Inconvenience Regretted.

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  1. Fill the above form with your birth details as per your horoscope or as per the information you have.
  2. Once it reached us, it will be analysed as per the Que or Seniority of arrival to us.
  3. After analysis we will prepare a report from our office and it will be sent to your email address. Sometimes it may take even 3 or 5 days.
  4. If there is more important and emergency you shall contact our WhatsApp Number by telling your email address or name and date of your submission. If your questions found viable once you contact our WhatsApp number you will get answer. Such answers shall be given only for emergencies.

The above is the process about how we deal with online horoscope prediction.